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So you are telling me, that instead of finding a way in which Jessica could continue her activities as a member of SNSD and start her fashion line you opt for removing her from the group?

She wants to go to design school. Okay, I give her my full support. She could have done like AJ from U KIss and spent her time at the design school of her choice during the year. Of course probably with one or two official events squeezed in there. And then when school is let out for summer break or winter break she will be a part of official SNSD activities. I understand that you wanted to do a tour, but these girls have been touring back to back for 2 years. And currently you have a member on a variety show, another in a drama, a subunit that has just started to perform. And you can’t let this girl do her fashion line on the side. 

This just doesn’t make sense to me at all. And from what I am reading it seems like they forced her to come to an ultimatum too. Who does that? There are obvious solutions to the situation. And I’m not saying that Jessica isn’t wrong either she could have discussed things a little more, pushed a little harder but that’s besides the point.

SM has seriously fucked up because once again they have lost a prominent figure when it comes to the Chinese fans. Because outside of Korea she was extremely popular in Japan and China. And this is one of their main singers. Don’t get me wrong the others can sing her parts, but I don’t know if they can execute it like she did and bring that same individuality.

That’s all I have to say on this matter. SM really needs to learn how to think things through and learn how to fucking listen.




My hands are shaking…my heart is beating fast…No..I don’t want to believe or hear any of these rumors…Andwae…2014 had already been a bad year for us Sones…I am already shock of the news before…not another one. SM, I will hate you for life if…. T__T

Be strong Sones! Let us believe in Soshibond & Jessi!!


I swear if SM touches SHINee I’m going to cut a bitch 


The next person i wanna hear leaving SM is the CEO. 


Jessica was a trainee for seven years before debuting as a member of Girls Generation.

She was the first member signed to SM Entertainment. She watched as each of the members came in and she watched as potential members left. 

Jessica’s been a member of SNSD for seven years. She’s dedicated over half of her life to those 8 girls she calls her sisters. 

She has done everything, from modeling, to acting, and most recently, she achieved her dream of being a fashion designer. 

And now she’s being booted from the group she spent the last fourteen years with because she wants to pursue that dream. 

Now how is that fair?


it’s that time again

Everyone to SM: meet me in the fucking pit


When Girls’ Generation starts to break apart, that’s when you know things are really going to change and shits about to go down.


SM Entertainment: kicks Jessica out of SNSD, Suho unfollows EXO, SM stocks are falling, ELFs are fighting, SHAWOLS are turning violent, chaos is ensuing

JYP Entertainment: a little bit of a Jay Park and 2pm scandal, and a fandom wide debate on whether or not Jackson should be to Roommates.

YG Entertainment: Is nobody paying attention to Mix&Match anymore?! This is our 3rd survival show with these kids!

Cube Entertainment: Did nobody notice that BTOB had a comeback?

Everyone who has ever loved an idol in SM Entertainment be like